What started as original Perrier Natural Sparkling Mineral Water in the green glass bottle has grown to include everything from lemon and lime flavors, and the new take-anywhere green plastic bottles. It's caffeine-free and has no artificial flavoring or additives. Even the essence in lemon and lime are entirely natural

In the town of Vergeze in the South of France is where all the perrier water originates and it's where Perrier gets it's distinctive natural mineral content, which includes calcium, magnesium, and biocarbonate. All bottles are made with 100% recyclable materials

  • 7 oz Glass - 24 per case - Regular
  • 11 oz Glass- 24 per case - Regular
  • 25 oz Glass - 12 per case - Regular, Lemon, Lime
  • 1 Liter Plastic - 12 per case - Regular, Lemon, Lime, Citron


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