Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside in the South of England. The water is wholesome, naturally filtered and crystal-clear. It is free from pollution and has a stable composition, being naturally low in sodium. The water is bottled at source and whether it is Delightfully Still or Gently Sparkling, it has a distinctive, delicious taste.

Hildon bottle not only echoing its quality, but sitting perfectly on dining tables alongside top-quality Bordeaux wines. The water became a natural accompaniment to fine dining, both in terms of its taste and the visual harmony its bottle achieves at a table set for a first-class meal.

  • 1 liter - Still - Glass - Blue

  • 1 liter - Sparkling - Glass - White

  • 750ml - Still - Glass - Blue
  • 750ml - Sparkling - Glass - White

  • 330ml - Still - Glass - Blue
  • 330ml - Sparkling - Glass - White
  • 200ml - Still - Glass - Blue
  • 200ml - Sparkling- Glass - White
  • Plastic (PET) Bottles in all above sizes as well

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